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Coffee Roasts & Organic Tea in Orange, Virginia


Based in Orange, VirginiaOrange County Coffee Roasters is proud to bring you a quality selection of coffee roasts, coffee syrups, coffee sauces and organic tea. To learn more about our coffee roasting and distributor business, please give us a call today.

Blends- We have a variety of coffees that when blended together establish distinctive flavors. We also specialize in custom blends.


Conscience Coffee- Our conscience coffee is fairly traded, responsibly grown and environmentally friendly.
Dark Chocolate Sauce, Coffee Roasts & Organic Tea in Orange, VA

Conventionally Grown- These coffees are fine gourmet coffees but do not meet the documentation requirements of the "Conscience Coffee" label.

Dark Roasts- A longer roast offers a more robust flavor. We only pick a limited number of coffees to roast dark. These coffees are selected for their extraordinary flavor profiles and character.

Decaf Coffee- We only use chemical free water processing to remove caffeine from the coffee beans.

Flavored Decaf Coffee- These decaf coffees contain only the essence of the flavor and are sugar free.

Flavored Regular Coffee- We have a large selection of no sugar added flavored coffees.

Espresso- We select beans from 7 countries and control the roast process to give you our traditional Italian espresso that is very complex with hints of berries and subtle nuttiness.

Fall & Winter Flavors- A wide selection of holiday season flavors that are available in regular and decaf.

Sauces are thick flavorings great for lattes, ice cream, hot chocolate, and fruit dips. They give beverages a creamy thickness and are perfect for
specialty drinks.

We carry Torani® syrups and have a very extensive variety of regular and sugar-free options. Syrups are great for flavoring a regular cup of coffee and iced coffees.

We offer Chai Tea Concentrate and Zhena's Gypsy Tea. Zhena’s Gypsy Tea is all organic and fair-trade certified.
Contact us today to find out more about the coffee roasts and organic teas we have in stock.